How To Setup Facebook Wifi

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15. 09. 05
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  1. Login to router GUI.
  2. Go to the Guest Network menu and enable guest network by putting a check mark on Enable Guest Network box. 

    You can also change the:

    1. Guest Wireless Network name
    2. Security Options  (and Passphrase)

  3. Go to Advanced Setup menu and select Facebook Wi-Fi.

  4. Put a check mark to Enable Facebook Wi-Fi box and hit Apply button.

  5. Click Configure button to associate router with a Facebook page.

  6. Login by typing in your Email address and Password for your Facebook page. 

  7. Configure the Facebook Wi-Fi Configuration with your preference.

    Below is an example of how you might want to configure your FB WiFi settings.

  8. After hitting Save Settings button, you are finished with the setup.  Your users can now start connecting to the Guest network name (SSID) you’ve setup.


Below are the steps after the customers have connected to the Facebook WiFi network:

  1. Open an Internet browser and go to a webpage (i.e.


  2. The user will be redirected to the Facebook check-in page.


  3. After the user selects Check In or Skip Check In link, the page will be forwarded to merchant's Facebook page.


  4. After the user clicks the Continue Browsing button, the page will now direct to page.

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