How to add a category on Hikashop

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16. 03. 01
posted by: Dreamztech Support
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To add a new category on Hikashop,

1)Select Components->Hikashop->Categories

2)In Categories, Select New

3)In the new category, insert the information you want and select the parent category of this category.
   If you want this category to be sub-category, delete the parent category that has selected in the field.

4)After that, go to Menus->Main Menu->Add new item

5)In the new menu, select menu item type as Categories Listing.
   If you want to show product listing, select menu item type as Product listing.

6)After select your menu type, go to the Categories option tab, select the category you want it to show.
   The category you selected will show the sub-categories within it. your social media marketing partner